Time to get Back in the Game

Life has been a real challenge here and there, but the key is to trust in a higher power and know that where you are and where you want to go is all in HIS plan.

Time to re-set goals, set priorities and start moving again.

Life has been progressing for sure and all I can understand right now is that everything is a process. An on-going process that shows us to the right path.

Listen to your heart

Getting Rid of Visual Deals in your Browsing


This is a really good hack if you ask me. Nobody sees it coming, then you just find yourself in a pickle seeing all these visual deals in front of you.

Thank you to http://www.coolcatteacher.com/videos/get-rid-visual-deals-popup-comes-pinterest/ for the straight forward article how to take it off.

And it’s simple. Get rid of the Pinterest Extension you have on your Chrome and you’re back to normal.

This may go to other browsers as well but I am not sure yet. But good thing to keep in mind, Pinterest = Visual Deals. I say no to Visual Deals and no to the Pinterest plugins.

Things to Go On to Pursue your Dreams

It has been a really busy month working on different platforms and clients alike. Lots of things are brewing up and it’s a roller coaster ride for The Ronin himself.

Some people say that the temptation is at its greatest when success is just around the corner and we just have to persevere on whatever it is that we want to achieve. 


Some people may have it easy and some people don’t but no matter what the case is, it’s all about optimizing the privileges we have in life and making most out of it. It always comes down to how bad we want to be successful and in that area there are no excuses. There are a ton of success stories out that can surely inspire and one thing is common with most of them and that is commitment! Commit to your success, commit to your dreams. I have a problem with commitment myself but never if it was with my dreams. I always think of all the good things I can do when I achieve them and that keeps my commitment alive.


Money is important, but trust is much more valued. 


Money is a factor in our lifetime that we need to think about and put weight into, but money is just money and you can never buy trust with it. You can influence trust but never buy it. In order for you to succeed you need to surround yourself with trusted people, people that you can call real friends, people that only looks for your best interest and not just themselves.

When you find those people, you have already found gold! These people would be your key to success, these people will be your pillars, these people will be your Family. When them by your side, you know you can do anything and everything.

A Higher Power

Faith is subjective, and is attributed to religion. I love my religion and I love my relationship with God, and sometimes, all he wants is for me to have a little faith. In succeeding in life, that is 20% hard work and 80% luck. This is what my grandpa used to tell my mom and my mom always tells me. And I believe her. We can just as much as we can and some things are all about luck or good will, or some cases Faith. Faith that the higher up will know what is good for you and not.


I am not saying just wait for your higher power to make you successful, sometimes its just ok to have something to hold on to, keep you sane, keep you hoping, keeps you praying.

To end this post, I would simply like to say my favourite quote that

Hard work will always beat talent if talent refuses to work hard.

This is one of my go to principles as I have accepted that I may not be as talented as others but what I lack in talent I will fill with hard work.

Ramen Daisho Review

Really haven’t got enough time lately to blog about one of my favorite foods, Ramen.

Apparently, I knew one of the owners of Ramen Daisho and he invited me and a buddy of mine in his restaurant and we tried the famous Ramen Daisho in Shaw.


I ordered the Miso Ramen. Their meals are pretty economical as it comes with 3 gyozas and flavored rice. Definitely awesome!

The Verdict

Ramen Daisho gets it soup base and noodles straight from Japan and it was as good as they it was.

I would rate it a 7/10 which I would really recommend people to go try All their Ramen.

The only deal breaker was the half boiled egg which is a bit boiled too much. The tamago which is in my preference has to be firm on the outside but really mushy on the inside… and the color, I found some who has their eggs appear really orange inside, yum!

The serving is just right, not too much that you get spoiled by the taste.

The taste, I could not say more. The broth and the ramen’s texture is perfect. Just to remind everyone that my personal best I rate it as an 8, and Ramen Daisho is close 7.

Visit Ramen Daisho in Shaw, definitely one of the best here in the North.

Respect is Earned Not Given

Call center

Photo courtesy of Arawaraw.com

I just want to dedicate this entry to all the people that are working in the BPO or Call Center Industry.

I have just saw probably a not so long ago post about how people working in the so called industry here in the Philippines are being discriminated or at least leveled down a notch by others and as the term says

“Sa Call Center lang pala nagtatrabaho”

Here in the Philippines or as I may add to the post, the growth everyone is benefiting from is actually from the growth of the BPO and call center industry. Businesses are starting to move from India and nearby countries to the Philippines due to the fact that our English is very good, and most probably better than other countries nearby. So here are some points why the above statements should be thought of again before even thinking it.

1. The Call Center Industry promises our country a better economic future

Without competent call center agents, there is no call center industry in the country. So I guess rather than we look down on these people within the industry, we should just do our share within our own industries that can help ourselves and our economy as a whole.

2. A Call Center is not just customer service

This maybe unrelated in a way but this is the common notion. A conversation can go like, Q: where do you work? A: Call center. And automatically customer service is what pops up in their heads.

The industry is huge, from accounting to IT, and more so to banking services. A call center does deal with calls but that doesn’t equate to just that.

I have personally worked in a call center and when people ask, that is what I say but hey – I work late hours but it was for an SEO / SEM position. So don’t judge right away.

Let us not limit our notion of call center people on what they do or what they contribute based on stereotypes or common knowledge, the industry is very wide and people are multi faceted enough to be in it.

3. A Call Center promotes progress

You would be surprised to know how much progress a call center does to its agents. You have to be patient. You need a huge amount of patience in order to deal with the people you are assigned to handle. You need to understand their concern, be in their shoes, and most likely solve / provide a solution to problems that these people have.

4. Working in a Call Center Takes Dedication

Working in the night shift isn’t a joke! Your nights are days and your days are nights or at least half of it. Sleep is a luxury for people in the industry and stress is everyday’s breakfast.

It takes pure dedication to keep a call center job and be good at it. Again, we come back to growth which means we do good if our agents are good in which they clearly are.

I am not saying that these guys are saints or put them up in a pedestal, but having a call center job is as good as having any other high paying job. Even though that the qualifications are not as high as the common norms. HELLO! In the United States, education is but a luxury thus most people after highschool go straight to work than pursuing a college degree. And this is not far from happening here in the Philippines. The cost of college education is increasing and increasing. So what if the person only graduated highschool, but he or she worked hard to pass the skills qualification to be part of a call center team. That I can say is dedication and hard work.

Before we look down on other people let us think again, did these people earn the respect we need to give them? For call center agents, I say yes, they did.

What makes most searches today?

Google always tries to understand its costumers, the searchers, and based on what they say they do aside from millions and millions of dollars a day, they want to improve search.

What makes most searches today is a very good question to understand how we will be optimizing our websites for.



This is very true. 5 years ago, it was the tech savvy who were doing most of the searches, now it’s your everyday mom that wants to know what is going on. May it be a DIY or something else, it has proven time and time again that this is the best way to search to get the information you need to get things done.

I am guilty myself using “Mac Pro doesn’t start up troubleshoot” as my mac pro, my best friend and partner is going through a rough patch…

But hey I found what I needed and did the basic troubleshooting to my capabilities. Interesting yes. If you agree then you have agreed to the basic principle of the Hummingbird update. Creating usable content for users and matching long tail searches such as these in the SERPs.

Not saying its the only guideline, but it is basically what it says it did.

Happy Monday folks, and happy reading. Back to the Grind!

What WhatsApp, Facebook Acquisition Taught Me

whatsapp facebook acquisition

This was news, really big news. It doesn’t affect me in any way but it does give the people behind the brands the spotlight which then imparts really good sense for people like me.

As a Ronin in the SEO/SEM industry it is likely that I base my tactics on intuition of the things I read, and the statistics I study. What does work? and what does not.

$16B is such a huge amount and a lot of people are trying to understand why a company like Facebook would go to this extreme in acquiring a mobile messaging app. As with others who are still in the mix of understanding the scenario, I chose to focus on what I can get from it.

Be Patient and Believe

We all are doing what we can in life and not everyday we get what we want. What’s important is that we do not stop and we can continue to move forward to reaching our goals until we get there. As a very good friend reminded me that “whenever things don’t go your way, always remember that a Rolce Royce takes 6 month to build while a Toyota just takes 13 hours”

As long as we don’t give up, there may always be that shining light at the end of our tunnels. WhatsApp co-found Brian Acton really proved that. Being shun down by 2 of the biggest players in the industry Facebook and Twitter 4 years ago, he cashes out with 16x the valuation of Facebook on their IPO.

Mobile is here, and is here to stay

This tells me that mobile app development is here to stay and I need to identify the things I would need to have in order to manage it. As a developer, it has been in my bucket list to program mobile apps for iOS.

Apps can change the way people think and this is what WhatsApp tells me.

Global Communication is starting to make noise

WhatsApp has 465 million subscribers around the world and continues to grow. When you plan something similar to the age of websites before the perspective was local to global, years after it went back to global to local.  For Apps, it has been making its mark in the local to global perspective whereby location and globalization is inevitable and should be considered in every business model an app is designed for.

last but not the least

Value yourself correctly

Who would imagine that there would be bigger purchases than instagram of $1B and when Facebook turned public also declared $1B valuation. These were the success stories we target. I only target businesses I set up to sell for $100M the most, but then again, WhatsApp broke that rule and tells me that anything is possible and that given the right qualifications, they valuated the engagement to 16x the record holders established themselves.

Inspiring yet a big challenge. Now back to the GRIND!

Search Engine Optimization Explained

A lot of people are saying that SEO is dead, or at least its a dying industry, and all I can say is that SEO – It’s EVOLVING!

Gone are the days of one dimensional search optimization, it the white hat world of search engine marketing, SEO is definitely just evolving to a more sensitive, strict and sensible approach.

But what is SEO and what does it exactly mean?

SEO Perfect Company

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

From the abbreviated meaning, it’s certainly just that.

  • Optimize my website for search engines
  • Make the search engines see me
  • Rank me well with these keywords

These are the most common things people want and say and need for their website, but in actuality, they are asking for more than just SEO.

SEO is something that you implement on a website for it to be search engine friendly.

  • Are the codes correct?
  • Am I using keywords in my Title tag and content of the page.

These are the basic things that you would want your website to have.

SEO is initially what the industry calls as Onsite Optimization. This is what people want of their website initially. But what is the purpose of getting your website optimized?

The answer is Search Rankings and why? It might be more than one reason but I can only think of a few right now

  • Branding
  • Traffic
  • Awareness
  • Conversion / Making the sale / Getting that email address

Now to alleviate you from getting confused, Optimization aims at search rankings and for your website to rank you need more than just the basic definition of SEO, but a whole search engine marketing plan.

So what is SEO, it’s onpage optimization and so much more.

The so much more part is what we call the other things we need to do in order for our website to rank and some of which are:

  • inbound marketing implementation
  • viral content development
  • link building
  • and now the ever popular Social Media Promotions.

Simple right, so that’s the only thing you need to remember to understand SEO. Then from there you need to study it deeper to understand the intricacies involved in the evolving SEO industry.

Creating an Effective Email Campaign for Retail

If you are running an online store, you should then realize that Emails aren’t dead. It is not growing as other media are but definitely still in the game in terms of getting visitors, and converting sales.


image courtesy of mint.com

This article is mainly focused in the retail perspective as I have been studying different newsletters from online shops focused on the cosmetic and skin care industry. And what I am about to write next is a series of conclusions and generalisation that came about.

FREE Shipping!

Ok that may have came out wrong but what I am really trying to say is that companies should highlight the reasons why customers should buy from you.

Free shipping is definitely something that is enticing enough specially if you are promoting in your locality, why buy somewhere else if you can buy on a local website that gives you free shipping.


Make your recipients feel special, give them a reason why they should keep their emails in your database. May it be something that you promote now or in the future. Make your customers feel special and that they are the only ones who can receive this offer because they are part of your mailing list.

Personal touch

Also termed as segmentation in the sender’s perspective. You can tailor each email in as much as how you track certain individuals in your list. Segmenting a list can greatly give more turn overs, more conversions.

Imagine if you can market something that is relevant to their previous purchase, wouldn’t that be a good push.

After studying a series of retail email newsletters from known brands, I have came to a certain conclusion on what is current and what works in terms of content.

Straight Offer

Very common and most safe newsletter to send. Choose a product or a few products in your catalog that you want to feature or is putting your marketing effort on and send a newsletter of it with the call to action, Shop Now, or Buy Now, or Buy this item.

Buy this get this free promo

Another common way of pushing your products is by giving free stuff or samples that would add value to main product you are selling. I see this for products that usually has high prices or kind of luxury.

What they want to do is to reel you in for more giving more to what they are already offering. Buy this and get a trial size is the most common.

Usable Content

Tips, tricks of the trade, knowledge base, these are the things that might be relevant for your customers to know. As long as you feed your customers intellect and asks nothing in return is always a good rapport for an eCommerce shop.

Understand and win these little battles with your subscribers, the more they open, and read the higher the probably that when a really nice offer is sent that they would open that also.

They are very graphical, and comes around in 2-3 different design layouts

The retail industry targets customers that are not usually tech savvy, they are your everyday shoppers, bloggers which does appreciate a knack for beauty and the graphically attractive.

An observation I had was even though these retail shops sends more than 1 newsletter a month, they make it a point to present it uniquely even though they are doing the same thing e.g. making an offer, or presenting a sale.

Mobile Friendly

4/10 newsletters I have received from the brands I subscribed to are mobile friendly or in technical terms responsive. I recently watched the video from moz.com on how to increase your email conversion by 150% and they directed me to going mobile friendly and focusing on the most important contents of your newsletter.

Is mobile really here already and ready to make the numbers? I think the answer is a sounding YES. Mobile is here and it will just continue to grow.

People are becoming more and more busy, but with mobile – they are now EMPOWERED.

Let’s take advantage of that and get our messages across to them at any time.

In conclusion, well, some people teach and some people do. I am more of the Do kind, so let’s work with your brand and see how fitting your email marketing campaign is for your business. Let’s tailor it, create more content for it, and start converting.

Thanks for reading all the way through here!