Creating an Effective Email Campaign for Retail

If you are running an online store, you should then realize that Emails aren’t dead. It is not growing as other media are but definitely still in the game in terms of getting visitors, and converting sales.


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This article is mainly focused in the retail perspective as I have been studying different newsletters from online shops focused on the cosmetic and skin care industry. And what I am about to write next is a series of conclusions and generalisation that came about.

FREE Shipping!

Ok that may have came out wrong but what I am really trying to say is that companies should highlight the reasons why customers should buy from you.

Free shipping is definitely something that is enticing enough specially if you are promoting in your locality, why buy somewhere else if you can buy on a local website that gives you free shipping.


Make your recipients feel special, give them a reason why they should keep their emails in your database. May it be something that you promote now or in the future. Make your customers feel special and that they are the only ones who can receive this offer because they are part of your mailing list.

Personal touch

Also termed as segmentation in the sender’s perspective. You can tailor each email in as much as how you track certain individuals in your list. Segmenting a list can greatly give more turn overs, more conversions.

Imagine if you can market something that is relevant to their previous purchase, wouldn’t that be a good push.

After studying a series of retail email newsletters from known brands, I have came to a certain conclusion on what is current and what works in terms of content.

Straight Offer

Very common and most safe newsletter to send. Choose a product or a few products in your catalog that you want to feature or is putting your marketing effort on and send a newsletter of it with the call to action, Shop Now, or Buy Now, or Buy this item.

Buy this get this free promo

Another common way of pushing your products is by giving free stuff or samples that would add value to main product you are selling. I see this for products that usually has high prices or kind of luxury.

What they want to do is to reel you in for more giving more to what they are already offering. Buy this and get a trial size is the most common.

Usable Content

Tips, tricks of the trade, knowledge base, these are the things that might be relevant for your customers to know. As long as you feed your customers intellect and asks nothing in return is always a good rapport for an eCommerce shop.

Understand and win these little battles with your subscribers, the more they open, and read the higher the probably that when a really nice offer is sent that they would open that also.

They are very graphical, and comes around in 2-3 different design layouts

The retail industry targets customers that are not usually tech savvy, they are your everyday shoppers, bloggers which does appreciate a knack for beauty and the graphically attractive.

An observation I had was even though these retail shops sends more than 1 newsletter a month, they make it a point to present it uniquely even though they are doing the same thing e.g. making an offer, or presenting a sale.

Mobile Friendly

4/10 newsletters I have received from the brands I subscribed to are mobile friendly or in technical terms responsive. I recently watched the video from on how to increase your email conversion by 150% and they directed me to going mobile friendly and focusing on the most important contents of your newsletter.

Is mobile really here already and ready to make the numbers? I think the answer is a sounding YES. Mobile is here and it will just continue to grow.

People are becoming more and more busy, but with mobile – they are now EMPOWERED.

Let’s take advantage of that and get our messages across to them at any time.

In conclusion, well, some people teach and some people do. I am more of the Do kind, so let’s work with your brand and see how fitting your email marketing campaign is for your business. Let’s tailor it, create more content for it, and start converting.

Thanks for reading all the way through here!